COD: 9NG1.00001 / 9NG2.B0001 / 9NG1.50100

Protective peel-off paint

Tools: Brush, roller and spray

Dilution: Nitro thinner

Dilution for spray: 0-10% nitro

Dilution with roller: 0-10% nitro

Yield: 300 m²/Kg

Dry residue: 30 ± 1% (weight)

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Tear-off special resin-based paint for the temporary coating of machinery and artefacts in general (glass, chrome areas, non-porous metal surfaces). The varnish creates a film intended to protect and waterproof artefacts during periods of inactivity or during shipment, especially on long sea voyages on deck. This product should only be applied to surfaces that are inert, non-porous and unaffected by contact with aggressive solvents: all surfaces that do not meet these requirements (e.g. rubber seals, painted parts or porous substrates) should be protected by other means. When the article to which the removable tear-off varnish has been applied is to be used, the coating can be easily removed in a manner similar to an orange peel. The film is generally removable even when repainted with various types of water- and solvent-based paints*.

*It is advisable to check compatibility with the cycle used.

Technical data sheet

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Colori RALBLUE 20kg  20 Kg
Colori RALWHITE   5 L


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