With WATERWOOD SHADE SYSTEM you can choose which color to give to your wooden artifacts.

You can use:

the FULL SHADE (primary colors) for tints decisive and traditional  full shade
le MID SHADE to obtain softer tones < / td>

 mid shade
the LIGHT SHADE to make the veins shine through of your wood and thus obtain a more natural color.  light shade

In addition to the chromatic choice, you can also decide the vehicle with which to create the shades.


  • By using WATERWOOOD WAXED FINISH , you can obtain a waxed impregnating agent to better protect the wood giving greater water repellency.
  • Using WATERWOOD FLATTING you can obtain a more resinous and protective impregnating agent for external exposures
  • Using WATERWOOD IMPREGNANTE you will keep the original characteristics.

Ask your trusted paint shop how to get your shade and your favorite product.

cartella colori waterwood definitiva 1

Water-based acrylic impregnator for indoor and outdoor use. It penetrates deeply and enhances the natural grain of the wood while protecting its fibers.

The colors obtainable with the WATERWOOD SHADE SYSTEM

  1. They give the products lasting protection over time against deterioration.
  2. The excellent penetration capacity in the fiber allows to obtain uniform colors which constitute an ideal base for the subsequent finishing layers and for their correct filming,
  3. They are easily applicable in DIY with excellent aesthetic results .

To obtain maximum protection outdoors, in conditions of strong exposure to atmospheric agents and sunlight, it is recommended to overpaint the product with suitable finishes such as our WATERWOOD FLATTING and WATERWOOD WAXED FINISH.

The WATERWOOD line, being water-based and made with very low toxicity raw materials, is odorless and is therefore particularly suitable for applications in poorly ventilated environments.