COD: 5BG4.SL237

Two-component Organic Epoxy Galvanising Primer

Tools: Brush, roller and spray

Dilution: Epoxy

Dilution for spray: 10-15% epoxy

Dilution with roller: 5-10% epoxy

 Yield: 3,2 m²/Kg

Dry residue: 74,5 ± 1% (weight)

Catalysis ratio: 10% by weight

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Two-component epoxy-polyamide primer with a high content of zinc dust, corrosion inhibitor for ferrous surfaces. Excellent resistance to water and to a wide range of solvents. It is indicated as a base for subsequent finishing with epoxy paints, synthetic polyurethane etc. after applying any application of an epoxy intermediate. It is used for applications on surfaces exposed to particularly corrosive atmospheres, for use in chemical industry, in oil industry, in food sectors, in naval industry, in construction and in industrial bodywork. The applied paint produces an opaque film.

CATALYSIS RATIO: 10% by weight

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Colori RALGREY ZINC25kg25 Kg

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