COD: 9NG2W00001

Water-based peel-off paint

Tools: Brush, roller and spray

Dilution: Demineralised water

Dilution for spray: 5-10% dem. water

Dil. with roller: 5-10% dem. water

Yield: 6 m²/Kg

Dry residue: 40 ± 1% (weight)


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Removable tear-off paint for the temporary coating of machines and manufactured articles in general (glass, chrome-plated areas, non-porous metal surfaces) to be preserved during periods of inactivity or during shipping, especially during long sea voyages on deck. This product must be applied exclusively on inert, non-porous surfaces that are not affected by contact with aggressive solvents: all surfaces that do not meet these requirements (e.g. rubber gaskets, painted parts or porous substrates) must be protected in other ways.

When the product to which the tear-off paint has been applied must be used, the coating can be easily removed in a manner similar to an orange peel. The film is generally also removable when repainted with various types of water-based and solvent-based paints*.

*It is recommended to check the compatibility with the cycle used.


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Colori RALTRANSPARENT 25kg25 kg
4kg4 Kg

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