COD: 7NG4.B0108

Wood cementite

 Tools: Brush, roller and spray

Dilution: Synthetic and turpentine

 Dilution for spray:15-25% synt./turp.

 Dil. with roller: 5-10% synt./turp.

 Yield: 6,5 m²/Kg

 Dry residue: 42 ± 1% (weight)

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It comes in the form of a white, opaque paint. Particularly suitable for painting wood and masonry surfaces, it is fast drying and very good yielding. Varnish used for filling and levelling small irregularities in the wood substrate. It can be sanded dry and repainted with our VIV-SINT or IDROFINISH to obtain a pleasant and functional aesthetic effect. It can also be left visible to obtain a white satin finish.


Technical data sheet

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MATT WHITE 25kg 25 Kg
25 L 2,5 L
05 L 0,5 L


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